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Homestead MONO HOUSE – apartments in Rusnė island is waiting for you!


Rusnė island - the biggest of 6 little Lithuanian islands near the Curonian Spit - is a unique place for a holiday in the Nemunas delta region. Branches of the longest river Nemunas – Atmata and Skirvytė - with Curonian Lagoon from the other side, separate Rusnė from the rest of Lithuania. Moreover, the borderline between Lithuania and Russia was determined near Rusnė, in the middle of Skirvytė river.

We built Mono house homestead in a settlement that was named after the island - Rusnė town. This cosy place attracts enthusiasts of numerous hobbies: some enjoy watching bird migration, others take up water sports, try-out fishy lakes, and for the rest – Rusnė becomes their favourite place of a peaceful walk in nature. Majority of visitors remember the town for the most delicious smoked fish, successful ice-fishing and a variety of lakes and rivers to choose from.

Staying in Mono house is convenient for easily reaching the most exciting Rusnė‘s sights. Besides, visitors also choose to stay in our homestead for getting to the whole region‘s tourist attractions, such as Aukštumala and Tulkiaragė educational trails, Ventė horn, fishermen‘s village Kintai or resort of active summer sport – Svencelė. No matter what transport you will be using in Rusnė – bicycles, water transport or your legs – accommodation in a convenient Mono house location will shorten your trips and lessen the time for planning them. In case of any troubles or questions – we will tackle them together!


We provide a quiet and safe staying in modern apartments for up to 18 people. Houses are filled with necessities for both convenient cooking and the best night sleep after tiring trips around the Rusnė island.

In Mono house, you can get additional facilities, such as breakfast, sauna, a free parking space. We also rent bicycles, boats, kayaks for you to conveniently travel around the region. Do not forget - all of our recommendations and advice are free – use them!

Based on our guests‘ reviews, we are always in search for the better ways on how to make your stay with us even more comfortable and joyful.


We believe that, together with Monohouse, you will create an unforgettable holiday.

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